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Commercial Tower Dryers

Commercial Tower Dryer

Offering drying capacities from 3,000 to 7,000 bushels per hour.

Brock's continuous-flow BROCK® Commercial Tower Grain Dryer offers drying capacities ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 bushels (75 to 175 metric tons) per hour. This Brock grain dryer incorporates some of the best qualities of Brock’s proven MEYER ENERGY MISER™ Tower Grain Dryers while also adding some new features.

The new Brock commercial dryer design focuses on top quality and energy-efficient grain conditioning as well as offering user conveniences.

Features include:

  • Narrower columns at the top. A narrower width column employed at the top of the dryer to help increase the air flow on the wettest grain to start the drying process sooner.
  • Stainless steel screens. Stainless steel screen perforations are used in two sizes (.078 and .062) to help confine particulates for cleaner dryer operation.
  • Commercial burner. A high-capacity, low-emission Maxon® burner is standard on BROCK Commercial Tower Dryers. The commercial-grade burner features a cast aluminum manifold to help reduce orifice corrosion and maintenance. Brock’s unique application of centrifugal fans allows the square burner to be mounted in a square duct and provides uniform airflow across the complete burner surface for efficient combustion and even heat mixing. The generous length of duct above the burner further enhances the temperature balance from the top to the bottom of the heat plenum.
  • DWDI centrifugal fans. Double-wide, double-inlet (DWDI) centrifugal fans were the first choice for the BROCK Commercial Tower Dryers because they deliver more air while using less horsepower. This method of delivery promotes uniform, efficient movement of heated air. The twin-fan unit also offers easy access to motors for servicing as needed.
  • Self-cleaning plenum floor. Brock's unique, self-cleaning heat plenum floor minimizes particulate accumulation by recirculating it back into the grain for safe operation and reduced cleaning maintenance.
  • Unobstructed grain columns. Fresh air along with electrical conduits and gas piping enter at the bottom of the dryer and not through the grain columns. This promotes even grain flow and efficient drying. Air inlet louvers are adjustable to control the volume of cool air entering the dryer.
  • Gentle grain unloading system. Brock's advanced Circular Drag Grain Unloading System (patented) evenly meters the grain from the grain columns and gently delivers it to the unloading point at the perimeter of the dryer.
  • Easy access and service. Ample clearance under the dryer offers easy walk-through access and generous space for auxiliary equipment.
  • Commercial plumbing. Commercial block and bleed gas train is standard with high and low gas safety switches.
  • QUANTUM® Controller. Brock's advanced QUANTUM® Dryer Controller is standard and automatically regulates the drying process.
Linear Dryers

Linear Dryer

Offering versatile, fuel-efficient on-farm drying.

When the cost of fuel is high, the SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series line of grain dryers makes even better dollars and sense as an investment for:
  • Cutting-edge drying technology
  • Versatility for drying management
  • Total dryer management with the proven QUANTUM® Controller

Available in drying capacities ranging from 250 to 1,900 bushels (6 to 48 metric tons) per hour, the SQ Series line of dryers also offer a choice of continuous flow drying modes:
  • Full Heat - single-zone or two-zone
  • Pressure Heat/Pressure Cool
  • Pressure Heat/Vacuum Cool

Contact your local Brock dealer or Brock to find out more about how you can save money by owning a SUPERB ENERGY MISER SQ Series Grain Drying System!

Features include:

  • Super Quiet Drying. The SQ Series Dryers use a super quiet double-width, double-inlet centrifugal blower as standard equipment. This blower provides maximum airflow and efficiency while minimizing sound levels.
  • Perforated Wet Garner Bin. The drying process starts in the perforated wet garner bin. Heated air is routed from the dryer through this temporary grain holding area to pre-heat and begin drying the wet grain.
  • Variable Width Grain Column. A narrower upper grain column allows moisture-saturated drying air to escape. This variable width design dries more effectively than a larger holding capacity with a wider grain column.
  • Stainless Steel Outer Skins. Stainless steel outer 18-gauge perforated skins are standard on all SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series Dryers for a lifetime of satisfaction. With proper care and maintenance, stainless steel perforated skins offer long life and high asset retention value.
  • Grain Quality Option. A special patented Brock MOISTURE EQUALIZER® System is available for helping to maintain grain quality by moving the hottest and driest grain through the dryer faster for greater drying uniformity and less over-drying.
  • Efficient Full Flame-Wall Burner. Brock’s full flame-wall burner with stainless steel baffles provides a generous square footage of flame surface and distributes heat evenly to all the grain columns. Using a shorter flame, this fuel-efficient Brock burner burns cleanly and provides uniform plenum temperatures to help maintain top grain quality.
  • Unobstructed Heat Movement. The SQ Series Dryer’s unique built-in vaporizer is located out of the burner’s airflow to ensure uniform heat distribution.
  • Vertical Access Plenum Door. A 42- x 22-inch (107- x 56-cm) vertical access door is provided for easy access to the dryer’s plenum areas. A door safety switch is standard on all SUPERB ENERGY MISER® low-profile dryers. If the door is opened during operation, the dryer will shut down.
  • Cool Air Control. Adjustable cooling louvers help control grain temperature by regulating the amount of cool air used for vacuum-cooling mode.
  • Easy Access for Service. Access entrances at both the top and bottom of the dryer make it easy to service industrial-grade plumbing, burner, fan, motor, bearings, belts, linear limits, and the front of the unloading system.
  • Gentle Unloading System. Brock’s unique EVENFLO® Grain Unloading System provides efficient, gentle handling of the grain using a slow-moving drag-style conveyor.
  • Advanced Electronic Controls. Choose either Brock’s QUANTUM® or SPECTRUM® Dryer Controllers. Both are excellent easy-to-use controls for helping you to automate the grain drying process.

Meyer Tower Dryers

Meyer Tower Dryer

Proven, fuel-efficient technology you can count on for drying duties.

For continuous flow grain drying, Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Grain Dryer provides proven fuel-efficient technology you can count on for drying duties. This Brock dryer offers capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,650 bushels per hour with five points of moisture removal.

Brock's line of tower dryers also provides the advantage of being able to use height as an option for adding drying capacity without increasing the dryer’s ground footprint in a facility.

Multi-Mode Drying

All MEYER ENERGY MISER Tower Grain Dryers utilize multi-mode drying and you can choose:

  • Full heat drying for maximum capacity through the dryer.
  • Pressure heat with suction cooling for maximum efficiency and capacity (saves up to 25% in fuel costs).
  • Pressure heat with pressure cooling for some crops like sunflowers and milo where heat recycling is not desired.

These dryers can handle:

  • Standard grains
  • Sensitive grains
  • Volatile grains
  • Small grains (with the use of optional .062-inch perforation galvanized screens).

Few dryers can handle this wide variety of grains without having to make time-consuming physical modifications to the dryer.

Features include:

  • Wet grain garner bin. Incoming grain is buffered in the dryer’s garner area for even distribution to the drying columns.
  • Narrower columns at the top. The upper 22% of the MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Dryer has been designed with a 10-inch wide grain column to allow more air flow through the wettest grain to start the drying process sooner. As a result of this narrower column, fuel efficiency is improved as well as drying capacity. The remainder of the dryer has a 12-inch wide column to allow saturation of the heated air passing through the grain.
  • Stainless steel screens. Wall screens are standard .094-inch perforation stainless steel outside and .078-inch perforation galvanized steel inside. Optional .078-inch perforation stainless steel outside screens are available to confine particulates for cleaner dryer operations. Optional .062-inch perforation galvanized screens are available for small grains.
  • Grain quality option. A special patented MOISTURE EQUALIZER® System is available for MEYER ENERGY MISER Tower Dryers where users are striving for increased test weight and grain quality.
  • Double-inlet centrifugal fans. Using industrial-grade, double-wide/double-inlet (DWDI) centrifugal wheels for quiet operation, this method of delivery promotes uniform, efficient movement of the heated air. The twin-fan unit is accessible from the ground level for easy maintenance if needed.
  • Unobstructed grain columns. Grain entering the MEYER ENERGY MISER Tower Dryer has an unobstructed gravity flow to the bottom of the tower. All inside body wall sheets are smooth with no bolts or nuts extending into the tower. Fresh air along with electrical conduits and gas piping enter at the bottom of the dryer and not through the grain columns.
  • Full flame-wall burner. Brock’s “full flame-wall” burner provides a generous flame surface and distributes heat evenly to the drying air. This aerodynamic, fuel-efficient burner provides uniform plenum temperatures to help maintain top grain quality. An all-stainless steel burner is standard on the MEYER 2650S and optional on other MEYER Dryer models.
  • Steeping section. A steeping section at the base of the heat plenum allows the grain moisture and temperature to equalize before cooling. This steeping period helps to minimize stress cracking in the grain for improved kernel quality.
  • Self-cleaning operation. The area at the base of the heat plenum has fines tubes installed in the corners of the plenum divider and the tubes extend down to attach to the full-floor air seal. Particulate matter is forced down these tubes into the discharging grain by static pressure to provide for cleaner dryer operation.
  • Gentle grain unloading system. Brock's advanced Circular Drag Grain Unloading System (patented) evenly meters the grain from the grain columns and gently delivers it to the unloading point at the perimeter of the dryer. Using a variable-speed motor, the unloading system’s speed can be automatically adjusted to allow for moisture variations in the incoming wet grain.
  • Advanced controls. Brock's advanced QUANTUM® Dryer Controller is standard and offers exceptional easy-to-use dryer automation for total dryer management. The QUANTUM is unique in accurately controlling final grain moisture by measuring incoming and outgoing moisture.
  • Control cabinet. Electrical components are housed in a dust-free, weatherproof control cabinet mounted on the front of the dryer. The panel is constructed of 12 gauge steel and is over-sized to accommodate control component expansion.
  • Sturdy construction. The cylindrical structure of the MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Grain Dryer is strong and efficient. Quarter-inch thick square steel legs are welded to the lower frame of the dryer to insure a rigid, stable substructure for the dryer’s tower and to withstand wind loads. Dryer leg extensions are available and can be easily installed as needed for added clearance under the dryer.
  • Factory pre-assembled. For U.S. and Canadian customers, Brock's MEYER ENERGY MISER Tower Dryers are factory pre-assembled and tested before shipment to insure maximum quality and trouble-free operation. Installation time is reduced because of pre-assembly.
  • Fuels. Choose natural gas or LP gas.
In-Bin Dryers

In-bin Dryer

Using Shivvers superior Counter-Flow Drying technology rather than typical cross-flow drying offered by most other manufacturers.

How you dry your grain is as important as how you harvest it. Shivvers wants you to understand the method known as "Counter-Flow Drying."

Most grain dryers on the market today use the method known as "Cross-Flow Drying".  In this method, air is forced horizontally (crosswise) through a column of grain moving in a downward direction.  This "cross" flow of air to the column of grain is where this method gets its name.  The column of grain is usually about 12-14 inches thick.  The air is forced from one side of the column, through the grain (raising the temperature of the grain rapidly) and then the heated air is exhausted into the air without being completely saturated.

In "Counter-Flow Drying", the air is moving upward (counter to) the grain that is moving downward, thus its name "counter" flow.  This is accomplished by forcing the heated drying air up through a perforated drying floor inside a bin, through a bed of grain at least three to eight feet deep and exhausted out the top of the bin completely saturated.  The benefits of the "Counter-Flow Drying" are efficiency, uniformity and higher test weight.

Benefits include:

  • Efficiency. Since the heated air is in contact with the grain for a longer period of time (due to greater depth versus a thin column) more of the heat is used from the heated air to remove moisture before it is exhausted. This process ensures higher efficiency.
  • Uniformity. Since the grain is moving toward the heat source and then removed when dry, all the grain receives the same amount of heated air (not just heated from one side). This results in uniformity of drying throughout the grain.
  • Higher test weight. Because the grain is in contact with the heated air (retention time) for alonger period of time at a lower temperature, the result is a higher test weight with the same amount of moisture removed.

Counter-Flow Drying is an innovation of Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc., the Grain Drying Specialists, as a "common sense" method of drying that valuable grain you worked so hard to produce.

Greater Retention Time

Retention time is the duration grain is held in a dryer or drying tank when trying to achieve both targeted moisture content and kernel quality. A Shivvers Performance System, using C
ounter-Flow Drying, processes the same amount of grain as other drying methods, but is able to retain each kernel in the drying bin longer. This not only achieves a more precisely targeted moisture content, it almost eliminates stress on kernels and uses energy much more efficiently.

 Because Cross-Flow dryers receive the same heated air across the column, moisture control of existing grain will vary with moisture of entering grain, i.e. moisture control of exisiting grain is not good.

Common cross-flow dryers process grain in depths averaging only 12 to 16 inches, taking from ½ hour to two hours for grain to enter and exit the dryer. In this method, grain is subjected to very high temperatures over short periods. The result is more cracking and less optimized moisture content.

On the other hand, average grain depth using continuous
Counter-Flow Drying with a Shivvers Performance System is four to ten feet! On average, grain is allowed 12 hours before exiting the drying bin. Since a larger volume of grain receives the heat inputted to the bin, each kernel is dried more slowly as energy is more fully utilized. The results are dramatically higher test weights with added profit due to less energy usage. 

Independent tests conducted at Michigan State University, Purdue University, and Iowa State University confirm what Shivvers has always known –
Counter-Flow Drying is superior to cross-flow drying; by as much as 2-4 pounds per bushel test weights.


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